Selasa, 14 Disember 2010

Love life ....

Shining star in the sky,
Decorate moon there,
Like it was there,
Due to light flicker,

The light is compliments of every human being,
Eagerly attend a night the pair,
Moon and stars as a witness,
Evidence as true love,

Wind blown night and spoiled,
Making everyone miss,
In silence there is love,
Love is divided into two,

Love is blind,
Love can also be forgetting,
Wage of sin is not care, because of love,
And love is a sacred human birth,

Love is beautiful,
Love is also changing,
Love also guarantee happiness,
Happiness is two people becoming one,

they say 'let a thousand friends, a loving let' ...

p / s: huuhhu ... if wrong language or hurt feelings ...... hope the apology sought

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